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The Ragin’ Cajun Water Ski team was founded in 1988 and won their 7th National Championship in 2019.



In 2020 multiple hurricanes tore through Louisiana leaving behind historic destruction. It was by far the worst hurricane season our Cajunski family had ever seen. On October 12th Hurricane Delta, the fourth storm of the season to make landfall in Louisiana, spared the majority of our facility but left our jump ramp unusable. Without a functioning jump ramp at our lake we will be unable to train effectively and cohesively as a team. Our success in the coming season is highly dependent on our ability to train. The more convenient our training is, the more of it we can do. That is why we ask you kindly for a donation to help us rebuild our ramp. We want to bring another national championship home to The University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We cannot do so without this ramp. We cannot win again without you.


Our fundraising goal for a complete ramp re-build is $10,000. 

We will be repairing the base and frame, installing hydraulic pumps, a solar panel, and a new surface. 

jump-ramp smaller.png

We are asking for your donation to help us rebuild our destroyed jump ramp. Any donation is greatly appreciated, but the chart above shows what we can give you depending on the size your donation. 

The banner on the jump ramp will be either on the side curtain or on the front of the ramp (first come first serve on location). If your donation qualifies you for a decal on the trailer, there will be one of your logos on each side. We ask that you supply your own banner but the cost of the decals will be covered by the team.

*All donations over $100 will be rewarded with a team sticker*


All donations are tax deductible. You will receive an email with a receipt shortly following your donation.

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