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Cajun Family Teamwork | Passion | Discipline | Commitment Perseverance Balance


The Ragin' Cajuns Water Ski Team was founded in 1988 and joined the National Collegiate Water Ski Association (NCWSA).  Since then, the Cajuns have won 9 National Championships, 5 NCWSA Team of the Year Awards, 7 NCWSA Athlete of the Year Awards, and 2 NCWSA Leader of the Year Awards. 
The 7 words listed above are the team pillars. They represent who we are and what we seek to be. We are a group of athletes coming from around the world with one similar passion for water skiing. As one team, we work together, encourage one another, and support each other on and off the water.
The Cajuns train at Airport Lake, located 7 minutes from campus. The team is equipped with a new MasterCraft Boat every year from Bennett's Boat & Ski, a slalom course, jump course, and jump. Team members have the ability to ski all year round at no expense. The Cajuns are fortunate to have so many world class athletes part of the team to help coach each other in all 3 events. When traveling to tournaments, each team member receives a stipend for the weekend along with having their registration, travel, and hotels fees covered.  
Being in the heart of Cajun Country, Lafayette has a lot to offer. Live music, delicious food, Cajun culture, festivals & welcoming people, you can always find something to do when you're not at the lake or on campus. You will feel right at home in the city of Lafayette and as part of our Cajun Family. 
The Ragin' Cajuns Water Ski Team takes academics seriously. The goal for every member is for them to have the ability to grow as a person, student, and athlete during their time at UL Lafayette. We want our team members to strive for greatness and to be prepared for whatever their goals and dreams may be after university.


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the second largest university in Louisiana with over 19,000 students. The school offers bachelor, master and doctoral programs in Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Nursing & Allied Health, and Sciences. 
The school is located in the heart of Acadiana, embracing the Cajun and Creole culture.

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