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2015 Homecoming

The Ragin’ Cajun Waterski Team had the privilege to lead the 2015 homecoming parade as

the grand marshals. It was an exciting day to be had by all; there were candies and beads being tossed to UL loving fans all along the parade route. While each member tossed and cheered there was nothing less than a smile on their faces as they knew they were National Champions leading the homecoming parade, representing their favorite school. It was an honor for the team to ride through the UL campus as National Champions with fans cheering and yelling "Congratulations!".  Although the weather was nothing spectacular, the experience was all worth it and a memory to hold dear to each of their hearts.

As the day of homecoming progressed towards the home football game against ULM, the arch rivals on the field and on the water for the Ragin’ Cajun Waterski Team, the anticipation was killing everyone. Despite the rain many of the ski team members attended the game to cheer on the Cajuns. The exhilarating football game was a fight to the end and with the Waterski team standing by to see the outcome, there was high anxiety. As the game came down to the final 3 minutes, a touchdown was scored by Jamal Robinson. This then sealing the deal and bringing home the win for the Cajuns.


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