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USA Water Ski Awards

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The Ragin' Cajuns Waterski Team and individual skiers on the team have been honored with being NCWSA Team of the Year, Male Leader of the Year, and Male Athlete of the Year. Below you can read a about the team and each athlete and why they were chosen to receive each award. 

Team of the year - UL Lafayette

The ULL Water Ski Team is highly respected around the country and around the world. Through the change in attitude and a renewed commitment it has developed into an even stronger team this past year. As school schedules allow, everyone skis together and helps each other with anything that is needed. Individuals work together to maintain the water ski site, each member spends time in the boat, either driving or coaching teammates. Some of the change that has taken place this season is a result of the team spending time together both on and off the water, and building personal relationships with each other. This support was rewarded in their performance at the 2014 Nationals, earning a total of 10 medals, four first place finishes and a cumulative 2nd place team finish. Known as a friendly group of athletes, the ULL team likes to mix with the other water ski teams, socializing with other teams and taking the time to get to know them.  The team volunteered their skills in the community this fall by having some fun judging a Halloween costume contest at a “Family Day” that was held at a local Church. They also contributed their time to the University “preview day” and they support other clubs around campus by going to, and when appropriate participate in their events. The water ski team was also fortunate enough to participate in the UL Homecoming Parade and they represented their school and the water ski team very well. In addition to being so personable and friendly, everyone on the team works hard in the classroom having a cumulative 3.24 GPA. This year, the team lost an important man. Someone who was always a phone call away and available to offer advice and when possible provide the assistance the team needed. As a result, the team grew stronger in this loss and the team dedicated their performance at Nationals this year to Mr. Steve Tyler, a strong advocate for collegiate water skiing.

Male outstanding leader of the year – Cole Grant

Cole Grant is the current team captain of the Ragin’ Cajun Water Ski Team at UL-Lafayette. This past year his goal was to create more of a supportive “team” environment where athletes could rely on each other and both look and perform like a team! In the 2014 ski season he was successful in bringing the team together by developing a community where everyone comes together and was interdependent on each other.  Cole puts in a tremendous number of hours at the ski site, in the boat driving and coaching for anyone who wants as well as ensuring the site maintenance is looked after. He organized and ordered new “team uniforms”, he was instrumental in acquiring donations for rebuilding the team’s ski jump and on many occasions picked up the supplies and at times gas for the boat. He is a very selfless person and would do anything to help anyone on the ski team. Cole is an unbelievable leader and the water ski team at ULL would not have had such a successful year without him. Cole not only manages and coaches the ski team, but he is also a skier, building in training time for himself while maintaining a 3.34 GPA.

Male Athlete of the Year – Dylan Schaffer

This past year Dylan broke and currently holds the Collegiate Trick record. Dylan won trick and overall at the 2014 Collegiate All-Stars, where he broke the trick record. He also won the gold medal in trick at the 2014 Collegiate Nationals, was 3rd overall and helped his team to a 2nd place finish.  The AWSA Male athlete of the month for October, Dylan’s contributions go beyond his skiing abilities. He spent countless hours in the boat coaching and driving for his fellow teammates, demonstrating his commitment to both his ULL teammate’s personal success and the success of the team.

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