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2016 NCWSA Nationals

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

As this week comes to an end, your Cajun skiers are back sitting in their classrooms instead of skiing out at Airport Lake dreaming of their success at last weekend’s NCWSA National Tournament. The Cajuns arrived in El Centro, California Tuesday evening and prepared themselves for an early morning of practice before the start of the tournament on Thursday, October 13. Unfortunately, the day of practice would be full of unfortunate events for your Cajun Ski team. During practice, freshman Patrik Oehman went over the jump hitting a loose screw, which tore out the bottom of his jump ski. Shortly after, freshman Harry Spavin went out for his first jump practice and ended up with a dislocated elbow. However, these events were not enough to deter your Cajun Ski team from lowering their competitive execution. The Ragin’ Cajun Water Ski Team ended up coming home with a silver medal behind the ULM Warhawks.

The first day of Division 1 Collegiate Nationals began with the women’s slalom event. With the boats on the water at sunrise, it was an early start to the long day. Two of our Cajun ladies placed on the podium: Anna Kovalenko tying for 5th place with a score of 2@38 off, and Giannina Bonnemann taking home 3rd with a score of 3@38 off. The tournament lead directly into men’s slalom after women finished. It was a long day for this event leaving little to no daylight for the last three skiiers, including our very own Dane Mechler. The event was continued first thing Friday morning where Dane was able to take home the gold medal with a score of 4@39.5 off.

Once the continuation of men’s slalom was finished first thing Friday morning, the tournament continued with the men’s trick event. All of our Cajun boys tricked exceptionally, most of them standing up their run. Brody Newton with a score of 4870 points, Carlo Basic scoring 3630 points, Cole Grant tricking 2990 points, Dane Mechler scoring 2420 points followed by Patrik Oehman with 1590 points. The women’s jump event was full of many exciting moments. Two of our Cajun ladies ending up on the podium: Giannina Bonnemann taking home 3rd jumping 141 feet, and Taryn Grant taking home the Women’s Jump National title with a score of 147 feet. Also, Madison Schneider jumping a personal best of 113 feet.

The third day finished up with women’s trick and men’s jump. Your ladies tricked their absolute best with Giannina Bonneman taking home the silver medal scoring 4190 points. Taryn Grant tricked 2700 points, Madison Schneider scoring 2110 points, Matilda Mostrom tricked 1050, and Anna Kovalenko making her collegiate tricking debut with 700 points. At the end of the women’s trick event, your Cajun Ski team was in the lead by 110 points going into men’s jump. And our boys jumped their hearts out. Patrik Oehman jumped 162 feet, followed by Cole Grant with a 159 foot jump, Dane Mechler jumping 148 feet, Carlo Basic jumped 147 feet and Brody Newton brought it home with a personal best jump of 147 feet.

By the end of the tournament, the Cajuns celebrated their cohesiveness as a team, their ability to come together to face multiple obstacles and overcome those obstacles, and fight until the finish bringing home the silver team medal, giving the NCWSA a competition to remember.

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