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2018 Bayou Classic

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

This weekend, the team drove north to Monroe, LA for the 2018 Bayou Classic. Rivals on the water but friends off the water, the team had a great time in Monroe. It was Brody Newton’s birthday on Friday and Harry Spavin’s birthday on Saturday so everyone was celebrating.

The Bayou is always a challenging place to ski, especially for all the sophomores and freshmen who have not met the moving waters of Monroe. The battle between ULM and the Ragin’ Cajuns was back and forth all weekend and was extremely close, unfortunately Lafayette came 2nd by only 65 points.

On Saturday morning, the tournament started off with Women’s Slalom who tied with ULM for 1st, and they were followed by Men’s Slalom.

Marie-Lou Moulanier put up a great score of 3@35off, placing her 2nd. Kim Niederbaumer was not far behind with a score of 2@35off, placing her 4th.

In Men’s Slalom, Lafayette had the 4th and 5th place spots. Arron Davies ran 5@35off and Jonah Shaffer ran 4@35off.

Following slalom, we went straight into trick. The women were up first and Marie-Lou Moulanier put up a stellar score and personal best of 2780pts. This solidified her 2nd place in Women’s Trick.

We moved onto Men’s Trick and had a couple unfortunate events with the favorite to win the event, freshman Guillaume Tetrault had an unexpected early fall on his second trick. Harry Spavin and Arron Davies also broke their bindings on the dock before going out to trick so they both had lower scores than usual. Harry just missing out on placement and coming 6th. Brody Newton and Conley Pinette tricked great, coming 1st and 3rd in Men’s Trick. Conley tricked 3770pts placing 3rd and Brody tricked 3960pts placing 1st. Although there were some upsets in trick, the men’s trick team still managed to place 1st.

Sunday morning, it was time to jump! The Women’s Jump team had Kim Niederbaumer and Marylou Major place in the top 5. Kim jumped an equal personal best of 120ft, placing her 3rd. Marylou jumped 117ft, placing her 4th.

Up next was the Men’s Jump Team and they flew far coming out on top! The team had 4 of the top 5 spots, with 2 personal bests and 1 tied personal best. Brody Newton jumped 151ft coming 5th and Arron Davies jumped a personal best of 160ft, placing 4th. Conley Pinette and Patrik Oehman tied for 1st place, Patrik jumped a person best and Conley tied his personal best of 177ft.

For full results, visit

The team will be traveling to Katy, TX in 2 weeks for the 2018 SCR Regionals. Everyone will be working hard on the water in anticipation for the event.

Congratulations to all the skiers!

Geaux Cajuns!

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