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2018 Hog Wild

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

This past weekend, the Ragin’ Cajuns made the trek up to Little Rock, AR for the first tournament of the season, Hog Wild, hosted by the University of Arkansas.

The Cajuns came out strong with slalom starting the tournament off on Saturday morning. The Cajun Ladies all placed in the top 10 in slalom with freshman, Jaimee Bull winning her first collegiate tournament (3@38off). Fellow teammate, Bailey Austin, was not far behind, skiing her way to 3rd with 1.5@38off. Marie-Lou Moulanier placed 5th with 3@35off, Allie Moodie came 8th with .5@35off and Anna Kovalenko came 9th with 5.5@32off.

The Men’s Slalom Team took the top 2 spots, Jonah Shaffer and Arron Davies tied for 1st with 4@38off. Harry Spavin placed 4th with 1.5@38off and Conley Pinette came 8th with 5.25@35off.

In Women’s B-Team Slalom, Marylou Major and Kim Niederbaumer placed 1st and 2nd with scores of 2 and 1.5@35off.

In Men’s B-Team Slalom, Joseph Schouten placed 3rd with 2.5@15off.

We moved onto trick in the late afternoon on Saturday. The Women’s Trick Team killed it with 3 skiers placing in the top 5. Marie-Lou Moulanier placed 2nd with 2380pts, Bailey Austin placed 3rd with 2310pts, and Kim Niederbaumer placed 4th with 2310pts. Marylou Major and Allie Moodie came 9th and 10th, rounding up the top 10 for the event.

After the women tricked, the men were up! Brody Newton tricked a huge score of 4710pts which was plenty for the win in trick. Joseph Schouten just missed out on the podium by 10pts, he came 6th with 1270pts. Arron Davies gave a solid performance and tied for 7th with 1260pts.

On Sunday morning, it was time to jump!

The Cajun Ladies were 3 of the top 5 jumpers, and all ended up in the top 8. Marylou Major placed 3rd with 119ft, Kim Niederbaumer 4th with 109ft, and Marie-Lou Moulanier 5th with 93ft. Allie Moodie came 7th, flying 72ft.

In Men’s Jump, the cajuns took the 3 of the top 5 places, with Conley Pinette placing 1st and Harry Spavin placing 2nd. Conley flew to 1st place going 167ft, Harry Spavin went 147ft, and Brody Newton placed 5th with 140ft. Arron Davies rounded up the top 10, coming 9th with 133ft.

A great start to the season and the first win of the year!

The Cajuns will be headed to Monroe next weekend for Bayou Classic and have Regionals and Nationals to follow.

Congratulations Cajuns!

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