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Ragin' Cajun Water Ski Jump Fund

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

In 2012 the Ragin Cajuns Waterski team purchased a new surface for our jump ramp. At the time the team purchased the surface the ramp was out of the water getting some steel work done. It was convenient for the team to have the steel work company put the new surface on the ramp. When this happened the company simply did what they were asked with little instruction from the team. They were not water skiers and did not understand how to correctly assemble the ramp so it was safe for the skiers. Ever since the new surface has been in place skiers have been reluctant to hit the ramp because they have been worried about injuring themselves or damaging their equipment. 

Our goal with the help of donations is to make the ramp safe and user friendly. We have a really good surface but we plan on removing it from its direct mount to the steel and placing wood underneath. This will not only make the ramp softer and easier on the skier’s body but it will raise the surface above the edge of the side curtain. The result is a safer ramp that will not damage skis. While this is the most important fix for us we would like to also connect the seams on the surface so it is smoother and one piece. After this we would put a layer of gel coat on in order to make our ramp look nice and have good texture. We want to do a really good job with this so that with regular maintenance our ramp lasts a long time and is safe for skiers. We figure if you are going to do something you might as well do it right and we plan on having the best ramp around if we are able to raise enough funds to get our little project done. 

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