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What Happened to 2020?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Looking to the next NCWSA Nationals and skier eligibility.


COVID-19 has forced a lot of changes this past year. The National Collegiate Water Ski Association (NCWSA) is no exception. They have had the challenge of navigating within the COVID guidelines and trying to make the best decision for over 90 collegiate water ski teams around the nation. 

Most NCWSA tournaments were cancelled beginning in March of 2020. Cancelations continued into the Fall, effectively cancelling the 2020 season. A decision was made to postpone the annual NCWSA Collegiate National Championships which were to be held in October 2020. This has many skiers questioning if there will be rescheduled nationals to take its place. Seniors want to know if they will have the opportunity to ski and participate in their final collegiate nationals before they graduate and move on to a career. 

Since the Fall semester started, student-athletes around the nation have been waiting to find out what will happen with the collegiate water ski season. With multiple NCWSA board meetings taking place early in the fall semester, there have been many murmurs about the decisions that could be made. 

{Will the 2020 collegiate water ski season be completely scratched?} 

{Will the Fall 2020 Nationals be moved to Spring 2021?} 

{Will seniors have the opportunity to participate in their final nationals?} 

So many questions that need answers but the big question, will the NCWSA be able to follow through on their decisions with COVID showing no signs of dissipating? 

The NCWSA board has made a decision which will require consideration when students are determining how to proceed and complete their studies. 

If  you are graduating Fall 2020, you will still be eligible to ski at the Nationals being held Spring 2021. If those nationals are cancelled because of COVID, you will lose your opportunity to ski your final Collegiate event.

If you are graduating Spring 2021, you will be eligible to ski at the Nationals being hosted in the Spring 2021. If those nationals are cancelled because of COVID, you will lose your opportunity to ski your final Collegiate event.

If you choose to postpone your graduation, and complete your studies in Fall 2021, you will be eligible to ski in both the Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 Nationals. Those students who have one Nationals remaining in eligibility, will be allowed to ski in a 5th Nationals. 

Ragin’ Cajuns Water Ski Team member and assistant captain, Bailey Austin is scheduled to graduate in May 2021. She has the decision to either graduate in the Spring as planned and hope the rescheduled Nationals that are to be hosted in May 2021 will not be cancelled due to COVID or postpone graduation and ski in the Fall 2021 Nationals. Bailey said, “The possibility of getting another nationals with my team is exciting but the uncertainty of this time is making it difficult for me to plan for my future and decide on my graduation date.”

Harry Spavin, the Ragin’ Cajuns Water Ski Team Captain and a Fall 2020 graduate is remaining optimistic about the NCWSA hosting a Spring 2021 Nationals.  Harry Spavin stated, “I think it’s an unfortunate situation that we’re in. No sports team wants to hear that their season is cancelled for any reason. Obviously the health and safety of our team is a huge factor to consider when traveling, as well as the safety of all the other skiers. As a collegiate sport I don’t think we can miss a championship year. Our team has been recruited and has been training to perform well at Nationals. It was a shame that we had to miss Nationals in October because the team was ready to ski and potentially win another National Championship. But, to give them the opportunity in the Spring is great.” 

Collegiate water skiers train very hard for Nationals and they deserve to have the opportunity to showcase their skills on the water. The Ragin’ Cajuns Water Ski Team will be ready to take on the Nation in both the May 2021 and October 2021 events. Our goal now is to inform and assist our student-athletes so they can make a knowledgeable decision about their graduation. 

Geaux Cajuns! 

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